The book

The Conservative Party wants to win the 2015 general election with an outright majority. But what should be the Party’s purpose in government?

In this unique guide, Conservative MP Nick Herbert explores the values that have ensured the Party’s success for the better part of the last hundred years, and sets out how they should be applied to build another Conservative century.

Why Vote Conservative 2015? proposes a radical Conservative agenda to reform political institutions, bring government closer to the people, personalise public services and lower taxes.

NICK HERBERT has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Arundel & South Downs since 2005. He served as Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice from 2010 until 2012. Prior to his election, he was director of the independent think tank Reform, and before that he was chief executive of Business for Sterling, where he founded the ‘no’ campaign against joining the euro.

‘A compelling reminder that the facts of economic, social and cultural life remain Conservative’ — TIM MONTGOMERIE

To buy the hardback book click here or for the Kindle version click here.

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